Projects follow-up Unit

Establishment of the PMO arose out of PPU need to have a dedicated and knowledgeable project management function to successfully manage projects from inception to close, mentor and optimize resources in project management leading practices, and develop and institutionalize good project management standards across different projects

PMO Unit Vision:

Successful Projects. Every Time with different circumstances


PMO Unit Mission

The mission of the PMO is to provide governance and leadership across the entire project portfolio lifecycle from strategic budget and planning through to transition into operations in order to ensure proposed projects and resources are aligned with the strategic objectives of the  PPU , and projects are successfully delivered.


PMO Unit Goals:

  1. Successfully deliver projects

  2. Unify the management of monitoring and coaching of project execution through development of a standard project methodology, processes, tools and templates, auditing to ensure project compliance and training to ensure successful execution

  3. Foster a culture of continuous improvement

  4. Ensuring sustainability of project outcomes.