President's Welcome


Dear visitors and surfers of the University website, It gives me great honor to welcome all of you to Palestine Polytechnic University website. I verily hope that this platform will offer ample information about this esteemed university that has raised a motto of “A University Serving a Community” since its inception. It comes as no surprise that the University always strives to empower current students and alumni to be catalysts for change in their communities. It also instills quality standards into them to be active leaders and scholars who can contribute to serving better their homeland and their people. We, at PPU, give a great deal of consideration to improve the quality of education, scientific research and community service. Above all, the University always seeks to consolidate the culture of leadership and innovation in the institutional work environment. In recent years, we have worked hard to adopt more unconventional methods in teaching and learning by employing technical, digital, and interactive means. This comes alongside with encouraging the exchange expertise to keep pace with the changes and challenges of the post-millennial era. Acting together, we can contribute to building a system that is capable of competing in a rapidly changing world. Palestine Polytechnic University, pursuant to its mission and vision, has managed to expand academic programs, foster community outreach, establish a conducive environment, and raise the level of international and regional accessibility. On the whole, it is a noble mission to be the guardians of the future of our students who seek to succeed in their academic programs and future career. With our resolute belief in them, they can be beacons abounding the nation; through which, we can envision a future full of hope and light. We, at Palestine Polytechnic University, will remain loyal to our students’ aspirations and devote all our possible efforts and resources to move onwards and upwards.


 Dr. Amjad Barham