President's Welcome

Prof. Dr. Imad Khatib

Over the past three years, the University has implemented its interim strategy of the entrepreneurial transformation. This process has adopted a functional structure that supports the transformation, through which new units were established, along with the existing ones. Job descriptions for all units were specified and the development of the strategic plans covering the interim period 2015-2017 were prepared and put for implementation. By 2017, assessment of the strategic transformation has clearly shown that the University has made a quantum leap in all targeted aspects. As a modern notion, "Entrepreneurship" is no longer a business-related term where its pioneers are rewarded for their achievements. PPU, as an entrepreneurial university, has won two prestigious prizes during the year 2017 for its entrepreneurial achievements. The first prestigious award was given to PPU from Mohammad Bin Rachid Foundation for being the first university in the Arab League that supports leadership and entrepreneurship. The second award was granted by the European Union in Brussels for being the best university that developed the Entrepreneur Course using the European competency framework –EntrepComp Framework. In addition, the University has won several other national and regional awards given to several of its staff and students.

At the level of recruitment, the outputs and records of graduates' employment, PPU has shown the best quality with highest levels of employment. Yet, an added success is the increase in the number of graduates who developed their own private-productive start-up projects that have also helped in providing employment opportunities for their peers. In addition, at the level of services provided to the community and development sectors, PPU's service-providing centers have achieved a qualitative leap in terms of the quality of services provided. With its high institutional transparency, our centers enjoy the trust of the stakeholders and helps enhancing the professionalism of PPU. At the level of the academic and administrative staff, our team have proven themselves to be equanimous participants who excel, with devotion and leadership, at implementing the strategy and their reflection on the university outputs, including our graduates. Above all, overcoming the limited resources, research always comes at the heart of the University’s priorities. With the signing of the MoU between PPU and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, research activities are going to be boosted by the Ministry's fund of half a million dollars. Alongside this, the increase in the joint-research projects between the University and international institutions will also have a great impact.

Moreover, expanding proper infrastructure has always remained at the heart of the University's plans. In 2017, over 6000 square meters of buildings were finished and accommodated. Further, In the beginning of this year (2018), inauguration of additional constructions with a total planned area of 35,000 square meters has already commenced. New constructed buildings will be ready to serve students, scientific research, academic and administrative work. The construction of the "Al-Azza Medical Compound", which will house the educational hospital next to the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences has also started. Moreover, the construction is going to offer quality-health services to the Palestinian society and will support the national health sector in general. As a dynamic institution that cares about the environment and its protection, the University has started the year 2018 with constructing its first Solar PV Power System on the roof tops of the premises of Wad-Alharieh Campus. With around 300 kWp of clean energy, the University will continue to go green in the near future.

Finally, what really distinguishes Palestinian people is the fact that we have managed to persevere in the face of all the calamities and suffering with which we have been confronted throughout history. With greater strengths, steadfastness and the good will of our people, we carry all before one. So, to all those supported and contributed, we say to them: "may Almighty ALLAH bless you all”.

We, in our present and future incumbencies, are working on one heart and hand-to-hand to develop our University, our society, and further our prospects.