Industrial Synergy Center

Industrial Synergy Center: a Leading Step Towards Industry Oriented Education, Training and Development

To meet the needs of local industry, PPU established Industrial Synergy Center (ISC) in 2007, in order to build a bridge between engineering education and industry, aiming at quality improvement in industry and education. The center was launched through a common budget between PPU and Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
The Center has succeeded in meeting its goals in the fields of curricula development, training and research projects, and nowadays is focusing on establishing: "Rehabilitation and Job Creation Project for Technologists in Mechanical Services for Constructions", a project financed by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development – Kuwait,  aiming at developing engineering education and employment opportunities in the field of mechanical services for buildings, and developing the Academic Curricula for both Diploma and Bachelor programs in the fields related to project interest.
In addition to that; the center is working on fund-raising activities related to another new project: "Quality Testing Unit" in partnership with representatives from governmental and private sectors.