PPUISC has established an internal plastic factory within university campus to represent a real practical training module for engineering students, in hand with rehabilitation of engineering laboratories, as a tool for "Ice-Breaking" between students and machines that they will operate in their practical life.

The center had also designed and implemented many training programs for engineers and graduates; those training courses were subdivided either in technical or administrative fields, in addition to other international technical and administrative academic-staff training programs.

In addition to that, the center has updated PPU library through importing unique scientific books, journals, and software for engineering college, in general,, and for electrical and mechanical engineering programs, in particular.

The center has accomplished a number of success stories in the field of applied scientific research, such as launching and financing many graduation projects which are in depth relation with the local community; those were concentrating on problem solving criteria for real industrial obstacles of local enterprises. Also PPUISC has been conducting development studies and scientific researches which were published in conferences and scientific journals.

So as to accomplish all those missions, a number of MOU's were signed with different industrial unions such as: Metallic and Engineering Industries Union, Leather Industries Union, General Federation of Palestinian Industries, Ministry of National Economy, and Palestinian Standards Institution.

PPUISC is currently implementing a new project titled:"Rehabilitation and Job Creation for Technologists in Mechanical Services for Constructions", a project financed by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development – Kuwait, and aims at creating job opportunities for engineers and technicians in a way that insures decreasing unemployment rates and enhancing economic conditions in the west bank, by means of capacity building of human resources working the fields of mechanical works for constructions.

The center is also currently following up fund-raising activities of a new project for establishing an Industrial Products Quality Testing Unit, that aims at offering services for the local Palestinian industrial sector institutions. It's good to know that this project will be implemented through a triangular partnership that combines Metallic and Engineering Industries Union as a private sector, Ministry of National Economy represented by the Palestinian Standards Institution as a governmental sector, and PPU as a partner from academic education sector.

PPUISC is seeking for sustainability measures via gaining financial and moral support for new projects that call for sustainable partnerships with industry, such as: Implementing Clean Production Practices in Industry, Training and Education Planning at PPUISC, and Reinforcing Problem Solving Graduation Projects.