Services Offered to Students

  • Supervising the process of introducing practice skills in industrial applications utilizing from the production unit at PPUISC (PPU Plastic Internal Factory).
  • Offering financial, moral, and consultation support in the field of graduations projects, and contributing in developing ideas for new problem solving projects towards industry measures.
  • Coordination and conducting of scientific lectures, seminars, workshops that combines the common role between PPU and industry.
  • Designing and implementing training courses in technical and administrative fields, which helps the students to gain self confidence, skills capacity building, and ability to market themselves.
  • Providing books, journals, databases, and advanced software.
  • Providing Pilot Projects to serve as real training modules.
  • Introducing consulting and technical services for students upon their relation with the market and job vacancies.
  • Arranging local field visits to local institutions and industrial enterprises.