Statement by the President of the Board of Trustees/ Chairman of the University Graduates Union

Praise be to Alaah who states in the Noble Quran” Allah will exalt those who believe among you, and those who have knowledge, to high ranks. Allah is informed of what ye do”. Al-Mujadila Verse 11.

 A Few years ago, Palestine Polytechnic University was an idea that broke its path through obstacles by force and labor to become one of the most popular universities in Palestine. PPU is providing nowadays a quality service for more than 7000 students   in engineering, medical, scientific, professional and technical academic disciplines that meet the need of Palestinian community for qualified graduates and skillful hands who help build their beloved country and offer support for their people.

With an entrepreneurial vision, the University is endlessly keen to keep pace with the recent global development in higher education, to foster creativity among its students, to facilitate a culture of innovation among its staff, and to work hand in hand with Palestinian citizens to promote this country and make it distinguished among other nations.

PPU has   a deep   understanding of both local and global needs of  labor market, demonstrate  an endless commitment to its graduates, and has enriching partnership with national  and international  institutions which enable this university to establish  a number  of colleges with unique disciplines , to upgrade  a number of job- generating chambers  for graduates, so as to create an enabling environment for creativity among its  staff, to give PPU graduates the opportunity to be well engaged at work place ,and finally to consider the entrepreneurial vision as  the cornerstone of the evolution of our national economy by investing in youth productivity and their innovative ideas and put them into actions.

Thankfully, PPU administration spares no effort to provide quality services that match the recent standards of evolving learning style like having modern educational buildings and laboratories ,and recently constructing Student Services Building where students can enjoy diverse sport pitches, neoteric libraries, innovative workshops that horn their talents. However, the university has also paid a particular attention to community service by carrying out many activates through its serving community centers that strive to emphasize an impressive   partnership between the university and Palestinian community.

Finally, on my own behalf, and on behalf of my brothers in the Board of Trustees, I congratulate my alumni sons and my alumni daughters, and I bless them and their families for being part of this great triumph that reflects the strong determination of Palestinians who insist to keep going and learn despite the difficult political conditions and the policy of siege and closure to which our beloved homeland is exposed to.


Chairman of the University Graduates Union