Deanship of Admission and Registration


The DAR is one of the most important departments in the University because of its direct relationship with students, lecturers and academic affairs. The student’s relationship with the university starts from the first day of applying to the university and it continues through its follow-up of the student’s academic record and the academic system application till graduation and obtaining the graduation certificate. The Deanship of Admission and Registration uses a sophisticated computerized system that covers all its activities with precision, transparency and full central control.  The DAR has a staff of specialists in computer and management to be able to work quickly and efficiently. It plays a vital role in managing the academic process in a systematic manner according to the university laws and regulations and the approved study instructions. From the first day of the student’s admission to the university, his academic record is linked to the University's laws and the approved study plan of his specialization. The Department follows up the students’ academic study and gives them guidance all during study at the university. In addition, it provides the academic colleges with the academic status of the student, as well as following up and organizing the drop of courses, postponement, withdrawal from study or the transfer of the university students from one college to another or from other universities.



The Deanship aims at guiding and directing the students all during their study at the university and following up their academic achievement until graduating from the university and starting their own career. In addition to this, the DAR’s role is to guarantee and ensure the application of the university academic regulations and rules.

  • Checking the data of the students who wish to join  the university by filling out their applications electronically          
  • Instructing the new student upon registration.
  • Making two files for each student: a paper file and a computerized one.
  • Following up computer registration, withdrawal and addition for each student.
  • Extracting records of students' grades for each semester and in each course and .
  • providing the academic affairs and colleges with a copy            
  • Providing students with access to registration certificates and grades transcripts, as well as providing them with many other services within the jurisdiction of the Deanship .
  • Following up the decisions against some students.
  • Following up the academic status of each student from the first day of joining the university until graduation.
  • Providing the various entities in the university with the required statistics.


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