Marble and Stone Center was established in 2009 in Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) in Hebron. This center is a Technical and Educational Vocational and Training (TEVT) center. TEVT center represents a partnership between Public Sector (Palestinian Ministry of National Economy), Academic Sector (Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU)-PPU), and Private Sector ( Union of Sone and Marble-USM).

TEVT center is consedered  the first one of its type in the Middle East which is specialised in stone and marble, therefore, it could attract potential students from the regional countries. The development and delivery of a two year program (Professional Diploma) complying with the national and international standards would be accredited by the National Accreditaion and Quality Assurance Commission of Education and Higher Education.

TEVT center consist of three parts:

  • Academic Diploma: two years program with 4 semesters that give students diploma degree in marble and stone industry.
  • Testing Laboratory: do several tests on stone and marble as water absorbtion, specific gravity,----,etc.
  • Industrial Laboratory: learn and train students and participants about machines and steps of stone and marble production.
  • Consultant Unit: located in the Union of Stone  Marble (USM).