PPU signs a trilateral agreement with the private sector in Energy Efficiency and the decrease of consumption.

PPU signed a trilateral agreement with Schneider Electric Company and At-Takamul Engineering Company. The agreement aimed to open new cooperative channels and exchange expertise in the field of science, engineering, and development.

The meeting was attended by a number of PPU and private sector officials and the agreement was signed by the representatives of the three parties: Dr. Imad Khatib-PPU, Mr. Ibrahim Shahwan-Schneider company, and Engineer Husni Qashwa'-At-Takamul Company. The three representatives emphasized on the partnership spirit and its significance in strengthening the relationship between the public and the private sector. They also called for shaping entrepreneurial ideas that generate good income to support achieving the developmental goals and objectives. At the end of the meeting, a specialized committee was formed to follow up and ensure the implementation of the agreement.