Palestine Polytechnic University joins the Arab Technology Incubators and Technoparks Network (ARTECNET)


The PPU has joined the ARTECNET  in the Arab region as part of its participation in the fourth meeting of the Network. This meeting was organized with the support of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and hosted by the National Center of Scientific and Technical Research in Rabat, Morocco in the presence of engineer: Salaheddin Mu’araf, the Secretary General of the  ITU in the Arab region.

It is noteworthy here that the PPU business incubator has been the first Palestinian incubator to participate in the network activities and to get a membership after the launch of this Network in 2013. The Arab Republic of Egypt presides over the current session, with the participation of business incubators of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Mauritania, Libya, Jordan, and Palestine. The ARTECNET aims at holding meetings and symposiums, organizing training courses to  exchange ideas and experiences, working on coordination to achieve harmony in the standards of organizing the Arab technology incubators and techno parks, as well as participating in finding an appropriate atmosphere capable of attracting investment in business incubators in the Arab region.

It is noteworthy also that engineer Lamya Rashidi, from the business incubator of the Technology Creativity and Entrepreneurship Center in Egypt, has pointed out that the fourth meeting minutes include the launch of two Arab projects in the Network future plan to strengthen ways of cooperation among the Arab business incubators through the “Soft Landing” project to link the business incubators across one web portal in addition to a project for developing the abilities of the cadres of the business incubators departments through a series of international training courses; The names of a number of  these courses have been certified and a questionnaire has been distributed among the participants to find about their future needs in addition to launching one single Arab initiative to empower the Arab entrepreneurs in cooperation with the Saudi Arabia’ initiative “Baader” , or, “ Iniate”.

On the sidelines of the conference, there has been a specialized training course for the heads of business incubators from the World Bank within the InfoDev group program, carried out by Ms. Najiba Bouziane Khalafallah, an expert in business incubators in Tunisia. In this course, they learned and identified the types of business incubators and the need for its launch, its administrative structures and the required skills for starting it in addition to  the marketing polices of BI and the preparation of annual work plans.

Mr. Ali Ramadan, the coordinator of PPU business incubator, has pointed out that this participation is considered a new gateway to the world of entrepreneurship with the Arab World and that they intend to  open an office for the network in the university. He also added that the PPU business incubator is seeking to  export its local entrepreneurial projects so that they can be implemented, marketed or embraced by the other Arab countries. In addition, the university looks forward to expand its business counselors network for the users of business incubator service at the university.


Public Relations Department