Palestine Polytechnic University holds a business meeting for SAP Global Company for Administrative Systems in partnership with the Business Forum and the coordination of the International Quartet (IQ)

On February 15, 2016, the PPU held a high-level business meeting between SAP Global Company and business companies and factories in Hebron district on the planning systems of resources and comprehensive management of institutions and companies (Business ERP systems), under the auspices of  the President of the PPU Prof. Dr. Imad al-Khatib, and in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hebron and the Palestinian Business Forum, and the coordination of the International Quartet (IQ). This meeting was attended by the International Quartet IT Advisor : Enas Abu Laban, the Economic Development Advisor: Ruba Zgomora, the Vice President of planning and development and international relations: Ayman Sultan, the Vice President of Community Services Dr. Mohammad Ghazi al-Qawasmi, and the Dean of the College of information Technology and Computer Engineering: Dr. Radwan Tahboub in addition to deans of colleges, some teachers specialized in the area of “comprehensive integrated management systems” at the university, and a number of local community and private sector institutions.

The University President, al-Khatib, welcomed the attendees and praised the depth of the relationship with local companies and institutions, stressing the pivotal role the university plays in linking the local community institutions and private sector companies with international companies and institutions. He also emphasized the need to develop the relationship with the "Global SAP Company" through the creation of a specialized academy at the university that aims at training graduates in the field of information technology, information systems, business management systems. Furthermore, he asked the representatives of "global SAP company" and the Quartet to provide a high quality training to the university students similar to the training carried out in the city of Ramallah.

Dr. Tahboub empathized the important role the College and the University has played in the use of information technology in business development for companies and institutions through the continuous development of the college programs and giving students the necessary courses and training through cooperation with major companies such as the software giant SAP. He also stressed the great role the IQ played in linking Global SAP Company with universities and training a group of teachers and students in Palestine through advanced and modern training programs, noting that the college teaches the students the comprehensive management systems including SAP platform. He also pointed out that the cooperation with SAP company will be positively reflected on the graduates who will be working in the development of the systems in the Palestinian companies.

The Vice President of the strategic planning for the Middle East: Marita Mitschein talked about the company and the work carried out by the company in Palestine and the future plans the company intends to implement in Palestine in cooperation with companies, factories and institutions. Also Carlos Izco, the Director of Middle East Clients Office talked about the technological obstacles facing small and medium-sized companies, pointing out the importance of the comprehensive management systems for such companies.

Then there was a panel discussion, networking and answering to the questions of the audience on how to take advantage of the presence of the representatives of this company in the development of business systems of companies and institutions alike.

It is noteworthy that international companies these days tend to introduce new systems to help promote and organize the resources and the processes resulting from the daily business in addition to linking the sections to each other and the trading companies with those, all by one comprehensive system called (ERP), an abbreviation for the word “Enterprise Resource Planning”.

In the same context, SAP, known as SAP ERP Systems, is classified as one of the world's most famous producers of these systems.  SAP which is an abbreviation for the words “System Application and Products”  was established in 1972 and employs now more than 600,000 employees to develop and follow-up the management software version. It helps the small, medium and large enterprises to upgrade their work by connecting them with a single system to ensure the coherence and efficiency of performance without having to use several software or different systems as well as ensuring their simulation with each other. SAP ERP Systems serves all the applications for all types of companies, banks and hospitals, whether profitable or not. Furthermore, there are more than 170,000 global companies using SAP systems, which ensures ease in managing their resources. The company has proved that its system is strong and coherent to manage the world's largest companies; hence the demand for this system is increasing worldwide.

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