Palestine Polytechnic University won first place at the national level in the Google International Code Programming Competition “Hash Code”

The College of Information Technology and Computer Science at  PPU has won the first place at the level of Palestine in the Google International Code programming Competition “Hash Code”.  A group of students from this College : Mohammad  Fataftah,  Alaa Dweik and  Razan Taha  have participated in this competition, which was organized by Google Company. Many contestants from all over the world have competed for a Video Streaming Solution.   The idea is primarily to reduce the time it takes to get videos through the YouTube.  Servers work on the principle of the most  prevalent videos and also on the users’ desire in a certain geographical area.

Dr. Musa Farajjallah  explained that the PPU  various cadres have done their best for this competition through providing  distinguished services at the national level.

It is noteworthy that despite all the challenges facing the universities in Palestine in general, the University students  have won  first places in local and international competitions, especially in the field of software;  thus, this has come as consistence to the university vision” Towards Science, Technology , and Innovation Entrepreneurial University”. 


Public Relations Department