Palestine Polytechnic University sits on the throne of Palestinian Universities after being crowned the winner in Programming Competition

For t  he fifth time in a row, the College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering at PPU has sat on the throne after being crowned the winner  in the programming competition held at Hebron University. The PPU-CITCE team consisting of Abdul Hamid Abu Zanouna, Omar Salhab and Haytham Tahboub and supervised  by Engineer Iman Sharabati has received the first place in this competition at the national level.

The Hebron Code Jam competition which is similar to ACM-ICPC has been held at the invitation of Hebron University for the Palestinian Universities. This competition is based on analytical ability in problem solving as well as knowledge of algorithms. Teams from different Palestinian universities took part in this competition. Each team consisted of 3 candidates, nominated directly from their universities and had to solve seven different difficult issues within three hours. The competition was highly organized and technically successful, reflecting the diligent efforts of its administrators from Hebron University.

Six other students from the College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering at PPU participated in the contest, and were highly competitive: Mohammed Al-Atawneh, Khalid Al-Juba, Basil Al-Atawneh, Walid Al-Jubeh, Qusay Al-Ghazzawi and Wissam Qassem.

 The College has followed an entrepreneurial  approach in training and building the capacities of the new students and graduates alike to provide them with the necessary skills in order to maintain the distinguished level of the College among the various computer colleges in the country.

Upon the remarks  made by the members of the programming committee at the college,  the College intends to cooperate with specialized trainers inside and outside the university to train students on competitive programming and problem solving so that its students reach the regional and global levels of competition. The College's vision at the present time is to reach the top of the regional ranking and then to compete globally. This will be done through the University’s support for creative minds.

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