Palestine Polytechnic University and the British Pitman Training launch the 2017 Summer Camp in Britain

The PPU and Pitman Training are launching the second 2017 summer camp in Britain in early July. To learn about the educational and training services provided by Pitman Training, the authorized agent of the British Kaplan Institutes, a workshop has been held at Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry  in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) and Pitman Training

In the beginning, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Eng. Mohammad Ghazi Al-Herbawi, welcomed the attendees, stressing the importance of learning English as a universal language used in every aspect of our daily life. He also pointed out that this workshop has come within the interest  of the Chamber of Commerce and its partners to serve the local community to get benefit  from the services and educational training opportunities  provided by the Pitman Training and Kaplan Institutes. Then he thanked the Institute for holding this workshop  and asked the British authorities to facilitate the procedures for obtaining a visa for either those enrolling in these training programs,  traders, businessmen. or visitors to the UK.

As well Dr. Ghazi Al-Qawasmi, Vice President of Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) for Community Services, confirmed that the university seeks to raise the cultural and scientific level in the Palestinian society, pointing out that holding this workshop in the Chamber of Commerce comes from the need of businessmen to English language. He noted that the PPU is the partner of Pitman Training and that applications are submitted to the educational and training programs through the University.

Dr. Nassri Al-Barghouthi, Director of the Institute in Ramallah, talked about the institute's partnership with the Kaplan Institutes in Britain, and he announced the launch of the second summer camp for English language education this summer among 12-17 year old school students and others.

Ms. Tahani Sbeehat, the  Director of the Pitman, Training  gave a detailed presentation on the services offered by this Institute, including making English language summer camps in Britain, giving English language courses for all classes and ages, providing accommodation and transportation and all related to study in Britain. She clarified that the duration of the programs may last for two weeks or a few months. In addition, this institute offers other services related  to providing university admissions for various disciplines and academic programs.

The British Airways Agent, Joseph Esteban,  also made a statement in which he confirmed the British Airways' cooperation with the Kaplan Institute and its affiliates. Tickets can be booked on board aircraft and students can be served from Amman Airport until returning to Amman Airport  after completing their studies.

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