Palestine Polytechnic University holds the Final Stage of the Third Spelling Bee Competition In Cooperation with the Directorates of Education in Hebron Districts

The Language and Translation Center at the PPU held  the final stage of the Third English Spelling Bee Competition in cooperation with the four Hebron education directorates (Hebron, north of Hebron, south of Hebron, and Yatta)

The competition was attended by Prof. Imad Al-Khatib, the PPU President,  Mr. Atef Al-Jamal, the Director of Hebron Education,  Mr. Mohammed Al-Farouk, the  Director of Education of North Hebron, Mr. Nizar Bali, the Director of the Palestinian Islamic Bank and the competition sponsor,  in addition to Dr. Muhammad Al-Tamimi, the Director of the Language and Translation Center at  the University and its staff,  a number of English supervisors and teachers at the four  Education Directorates,  a number of the University administrators, teachers and students as well as some of the students’ parents participating in the competition.

Dr. Al-Khatib opened the event by stressing the importance of the English language for school  and university students, for it opens doors to the students in their academic and professional life. He also praised the distinguished relationship between the university and the local community in general , and the directorates of education in particular.  As well,  Mr.  Atef Al-Jamal in his speech valued highly the competition and stressed its importance in our life.  Mr. Nizar Bali also expressed the Bank's readiness to support such community and academic activities as reflected in the bank's strategy to support such initiatives.

After that,  Dr. Tamimi talked about the nature of ​​the spelling bee competition and the different stages that each student passes through. He stated that the student through this competition is exposed to about 2000 words that are to be spelled correctly. In this way, the student  learns the pronunciation of these words and their meanings as well.  He said also that this competition creates a spirit of perseverance, honest competition and discipline for the students.  Furthermore, he said that this competition aims to promote and motivate school students to learn the English language and have  a positive attitude towards it for its importance in the different fields of education and in the labor market.  Then, Dr. Tamimi,  told the participating students  on how the competition works and wished them good luck and success.

In this round, 67 students from the tenth grade and all schools in the Hebron government and private sector competed in this contest. The student:  Rusol  Hatem al-Iwaiwi  has won first place and has  been crowned as the English spelling bee queen in Hebron governorate.  Also, the top winners in this competition were: Rusol  Hatem al-Iweiwi,, Lara al- Saeed, Raghad Abu Dab’at, Haneen Nassar, Bayan Sayareh, Sarah Saraheen,  Arwa  Al -Amleh, Heba al- Shalaleem, Abdullah Al Saeed, Duha Doudin, Jana Al Sulaibi and Hadeel Omar Syaj.

At the end of the competition, Dr. Mustafa Abu Safa, Vice President for Academic Affairs, honored the winners of the competition and  Dr. Al Tamimi presented prizes to all the winners  from Infinity Design and  Advertising  and the Director of La Casa Training Center Mr. Ihab Al Hamouri.

It is noteworthy that the competition was supervised by Dr. Mohamed al-Tamimi, the  Director of the Language ​​and Translation Center, and the English language supervisors at the directorates of Education:  Mr. Hassan Karbalia, Ms. Mervat Abdeen, Ms. Sahar Iqneibi and Ms. Muyaser Abu Ghlassi.

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