Palestine Polytechnic University participated in the [First World Congress on Translation Studies at the Capital of France, Paris

Mrs. Maysa al-Juneidi, from the Language and Translation Center at the PPU, participated last month  at the  Ist. World Congress on Translation Studies at Nanterre University, Paris-Le Divans by presenting two scientific papers.

The first paper Maysa presented focused on the Muslim philosophers, especially in the Abbasid period, who established the theories of translation and practiced it in the House of Wisdom under the patronage of  the Abbasid Caliph  al-Ma’moun.  As a matter of fact, the Muslem philosophers at that time took the lead in this ancient science unlike what is taught in universities about translation as a modern Western Science.

The second paper presented and discussed aims at establishing standards for the translation of films from English into Arabic. The standards followed these days do not fit the Arabic language specificity in terms of culture, structures and the linguistic specification of Arabic as a Semitic language. Therefore, these criteria should be adopted by the satellite channels, media companies and academic venues that train subtitlers in the Arabic region where  screens are  witnessing a state of chaos and lack the uniform standards in subtitling practices.

It is noteworthy that this participation in this specialized field was among many others from different countries around the world and it is the only one from the State of Palestine.

Ms. Maysa al-Juneidi was awarded two certificates – both in English and French - for her two participations in this conference 


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