The University Graduates Union, Palestine Polytechnic University, and the sons of the late Izzat Abu Munshar lay the Foundation Stone for the Project of the Buildings of Al-Izzah Medical Complex

On May 24, 2017, the UGU, the PPU, and the sons of the late  Izzat Abu Munshar and their friends celebrated the laying of the foundation stone of the Project of the buildings of Al-Izzah Medical Complex on a land allocated by the UGU with an area of 15 dunums in Nimra in the center of Hebron, under the auspices of Mr. Ahmad Said al-Tamimi, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the PPU and the Board  members. It is noteworthy that this project has come out in support of the national goals for health and medical sector in the south of Palestine and it has been supported by the donors in Hebron, led by the sons of the late Izzat Abu Munshar and their friends. The project will take place on a surface area of ​​more than six thousand square meters and a total building area of ​​more than 35 thousand square meters with all the services of parking and gardens, specialized and developed according to the international terms and standards.

This celebration was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) Mr.  Ahmed Said Al-Tamimi, and the Board members, the sons of the late Haj Izzat Abu Manshar, the Minister of the Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR) Dr. Mohammad Ishtayeh, the x-Minister of Health Mr. Fathi Abu Moghli,  the Director of the Consulting Hospital Salem Abu Khaizaran, the Hebron Mayor Nader Al-Bitar, the elected Hebron Mayor Sheikh Tayseer Abu Snaineh, in addition to the President of the University Prof. Imad al-Khatib and his deputies,  the Dean of the College of Medicine at the University Dr. Anwar Dudin, the academic and administrative bodies at the university and a large number of the national government heads and representatives, private and community institutions, as well as business leaders in Hebron District.

At the beginning of the ceremony,  Al-Tamimi welcomed the attendees and expressed his great happiness at this blessed historical moment, which marks the foundation stone of the Al-Izzah Medical Complex that  has come out as a result of the efforts of the sons of Khalil Al-Rahman City to crown the partnership between the university and the private sector. Then he gave a brief history of the university and its development at all the scientific levels. Also he said that Hebron District is the biggest in the West Bank in terms of population, economic and population growth  which constitutes a real challenge to the development of the social and economic situation of the district in particular and Palestine in general. He also pointed out that the health sector is so important but it is the most vulnerable to risks if the strategies and action plans are not set appropriately to ensure its ability to deal with this growth. The most important with regard to the health sector consists of two main factors, namely human resources from doctors, nurses, and technicians, and health centers, clinics and developed hospitals. Al-Tamimi also praised the PPU, for it is moving steadily towards leadership and progress in the academic, administrative and architectural fields  to promote and upgrade the university to reach the highest levels. Therefore, the University has taken a strategic decision to develop the health sector through setting the work plans at the levels of the establishment of the College of Medicine and Health and Life Sciences. The University is working on the licensing procedures through the competent authorities to provide educational programs in line with the international standards, while supporting these programs by having modern infrastructure. He said also that over the past decade, there have been preparations to launch the College and prepare its infrastructure by establishing  biotechnology laboratories, the Palestinian National Center for Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection, air, noise and radiation pollution inside and outside facilities, water quality testing laboratories, and medical engineering laboratories specializing in Medicine techniques and technological support systems.

The Minister of BECDAR, Mohammad Ishtayeh,  stressed the importance of the local community in building national institutions, and he considers the project "Al-Izzah Medical Complex" as a model at the national, regional and international level, and is a supplement to many existing projects in the State of Palestine.

Abu Moghli also stressed the need to take care and pay attention to the health sector, praising the efforts that has been exerted to establish this huge national project.

As well, the Palestinian businessman, Rafiq Izzat Abu Munshar, in his speech empathized  that his donation is considered a charity in the spirit of his father, Izzat Abu Munshar, may Allah have mercy on him, explaining that Hebron District is in need of such vital medical projects and stressing the importance of supporting this national project from all the community institutions. Then he thanked Mr. Paolo who designed this complex.

During the ceremony, a cooperation agreement was signed by the university and the sons of the late Izzat Abu Munshar to start the implementation of the project on the ground within a clear specific plan and time.

At the end of the ceremony, the cornerstone of this project was laid, adding a qualitative addition to the city of Hebron in particular and Palestine in general.


Public Relations Department