Palestine Polytechnic University holds the Sixth Students Innovation Conference


The PPU held the Students Innovation Conference for the sixth time on Thursday, May 25, 2017, under the patronage of the Chairman and members of the Board of Trustees of the PPU. It aims at presenting the students' outstanding graduation projects, thesis and scientific research and show their creativity in various fields of applied sciences and technology.

The conference was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) Prof. Ahmed Saeed Bayoud Al-Tamimi, and the Board members, the Presidents’Advisor, the Chairman of the Higher Council for Innovation and excellence engineer Adnan Samara, the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Governor Adnan Husseini, the representative of the Hebron Governor Dr. Rafiq al-Jabari, the representative of the Minister of Education and Higher Education Mr. Atef al-Jamal, the Mayor of Hebron, Engineer Nader Al-Bitar, the President of Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) Prof. Imad Al-Khatib and his deputies, the President of the Conference/Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Murad Abu Sbaih,  in addition to the deans of Colleges and a large audience from public and private institutions in the District, the university students, and  students from the Palestinian universities who participate in this conference.

At the beginning, Al-Tamimi welcomed the attendees and started by supporting the prisoners who were under-strike and he pointed out that the aim of this conference is to highlight the students’ creativity  and achievements that serve the Palestinian community.

The representative of the Minister of Higher Education passed on the greetings and good wishes of the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Sabri Sidem to the conference attendees, not forgetting to mention the longest strike in history in the Netherlands and Turkey which was 33 days. He also expressed his support to the Palestinian families in building the State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, and then he empathized the role of  Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) as a professional and technical university in providing many engineers and offering services to all Palestinians through their creative and unique projects.

The President of the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence emphasized the support of President Mahmoud Abbas for creativity in Palestine. He added that the HCIE was established to support innovation and creativity as well as embracing the creative persons morally and financially. He stressed the readiness of the Council to receive projects with distinctive and unique ideas, inviting everyone to attend the Second National Forum for Scientists on  07/22/2017.

 The representative of Hebron Governor also expressed his support to the prisoners and his happiness for the innovation and excellence of the PPU students, pointing out the importance of their projects in serving Hebron district, and expressing also the support of the Palestinian National Authority through following up all the recommendations of such conferences.

The Mayor of Hebron also stressed the importance of the students’ creative projects in serving the community in all the aspects of life and he expressed their pride to have a large number of engineers from PPU.

The Minister of Jerusalem Affairs also expressed his support to the creative students in Palestinian universities, hoping that this conference will be held next year in the city of Jerusalem.

As well, the university President pointed out that the university took the decision and started to implement its strategic plan to be a Science, Technology, and Innovation Entrepreneurial University at the academic and administrative levels and all other levels, where the focus will be on student-centered learning. He also added that we all should collaborate to help the students and graduates as well to be able to compete in the labor market due to the ongoing and huge number of accelerated developments, not forgetting to mention the University distinguished students’ activities and projects which have won prizes worldwide.

The university president mentioned that there have been many initiatives that participated in the student innovation conference in its previous version which our students and graduates now have successfully changed them into startup companies.. He added that the conference is an extension of the previous conferences and reflects the university's strategy in linking scientific research with teaching. The conference included the following tracks: Papers were presented in the form of lectures and also the practical side of the distinguished graduation projects accompanied by explanatory posters.

It was worth noting that nearly 200 entries were submitted. They were evaluated by specialized scientific arbitration committees at all levels and 89 participants were accepted as follows: 30 presentations in the form of lectures for short scientific papers and 59 participations presented as posters for graduation projects and 20 success story.

At the end of the conference, the President of the Conference thanked the University administration and the Board of Trustees for facilitating and meeting all the requirements of this conference. He also thanked the heads of all committees and their members, and  all those who contributed to the preparation of this conference and the members of the jury from outside and within the university, no forgetting to thank also the universities participating in this scientific activity and the supporting institutions: the Higher Council for Innovation, Jadarah,  the Palestinian Islamic Bank, UNDP,  and  Izhiman.Coffee Company.


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