Palestine Polytechnic University Receives A Delegation from the Italian Agency and CESVI

On August, 29, 2017, the PPU received a delegation from the Italian Agency and CESVI  Organization to complete the preparation of the “Home Water Filters Assessment” Project  which will be carried out in the area of Musafer in Yatta in mid October. The Vice-President of the University for Development and Planning and International Relations engineer Ayman Sultan and Dr. Muemen Zughayer, and the Coordinator of the Research Unit for Alternative Energy and Environment engineer Mohannad Nassar welcomed the Italian delegation representing the Italian Agency for Development in Jerusalem office Ms. Kiara Saso and Mr. Andrea Kathila in addition to the Director of CESVI Mr. Marco Kanyato, the Finance Director Ghareeb Da’na  and the Project Engineer Mr. Iyad Adwan.

In the meeting, the preliminary version of the memorandum of understanding with CESVI and the Project Funding Agreement by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation were discussed. They also discussed the arrangements for receiving the Swiss expert and also the testing equipment to be used for testing the Total Cliform, Fechal, Choliform, Turbidity, Flowrate . etc.  in the water samples to determine the efficiency of the used filters and to provide the equipment and the consumables for the collection and examination of the samples.

The Delegation then were taken into a tour  to the Biotechnology Center and there they met Dr. Yacoub al-Ashhab, the Center Director, who gave a brief history on the center, pointing out its importance in scientific research and serving the local community. After that  they visited  the Water Quality Laboratory where  Mr. Mohannad Nassar gave a brief information about  the biological, Physical and chemical tests made on drinking water.

Mr. Hassan Al-Taradeh also provided the delegation with information about the Plant Tissue Laboratory and its importance in developing the agricultural system in Palestine and also the Animal Tissue Culture  Laboratory which deals with the reproduction of the cancerous cells and making researches on these cells.



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