Students from Palestine Polytechnic University Ranked First and Third in the National Programming Competition (ACM)


Students from the College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering (CITCS) at the PPU have received the first and third place in the National Programming Competition (ACM) . The Sixth National Programming Competition which has been considered the most important at the level of the international programming competitions, was conducted in a good and competitive atmosphere that lasted for more than five hours. Thirty teams, consisting of 90 male and female students from the various Palestinian universities, have competed in this completion. 

This kind of competition is being usually followed by international specialists from outside Palestine and in the presence of technical representatives who prepare and follow up all details. This competition was attended by two experts from Jordan who supervised it through direct communication with those responsible for it from the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is noteworthy that the questions are addressed and corrected directly by experts in Egypt. The questions are real software problems with a distinguished level and they are specialized in computer science. Each group should try to solve and program as many of these questions as possible and try to solve them. The solutions will be submitted directly to the experts in the Arab Republic of Egypt to correct them by using a specialized system.

The results of the competition were announced by the Jordanian and Egyptian referees at a great ceremony in the Martyr Yasser Arafat Theater at Palestine Technical University after the completion of sorting the entries in terms of the number of questions solved and the time spent in solving these questions as well as the number of attempts for each question. The ceremony was attended by representatives from Palestine Technical University and representatives from all the participating Palestinian universities and students.

Two distinguished teams from Palestine Polytechnic University have received the first and the third place in this competition, meanwhile the third team was ranked eight. All the winning teams are qualified to participate and represent Palestine in the Arab programming competition which will take place in Egypt (or Jordan).

The team (7 UP), consisting of Abdel Hamid Abu Zanouna, Mohammed Shaloudi, and Khalid Al-Jubeh and supervised by the trainer: Iman Sharabati, has won the first place at the level of Palestine. The other team (GoogleMe), consisting of Basel Al Atawneh, Waleed al-Jubeh, Qusay Al-Ja'bari and supervised by the trainer Abdel Hamid Abu Zanouna, has received the third place at the level of Palestine, while the team "to moon", consisting of Aseel Arafa, Laila Hamouri and Yousif Yaghmour, has received the eighth place.

It is noteworthy that the participating teams had been prepared and given training for a whole year since the end of the previous competition for the year 2016, under the supervision and coordination of Dr. Musa Farajallah, the Chairman of the Competitions Committee at Palestine Polytechnic University  and supported by the CITCE’s dean, teachers and administrators. The CITCE has actually taken a pioneering approach in training and building the capacity of new students as well as graduates to equip them with the skills needed to maintain their position and remain  on top of Palestinian universities.

Three other students from  IT and Computer Engineering College who are highly competitive: Haytham Tahboub, Mohammed Al Atawneh and Omar Salhab, also participated in the competition. The CITCE  hopes they participate and win in the coming year competition.

The administration of the CITCE congratulated  the winning students and thanked their trainers and supervisors for their continued supervision and follow-up to enable them  reach to advanced stages at the international level, noting that the College always motivates and encourages its students to participate in such competitions and activities.

It is noteworthy that the CITCE, represented by its Dean and on behalf of the administration of Palestine Polytechnic University, is very grateful to the committee responsible for the competition in Palestine led by Dr. Musa Irfa’ieh and the participation of representatives from Palestinian universities.  Also. they extend their thanks and gratitude to Palestine Technical University for hosting and sponsoring the competition and providing all the requirements of the success of the competition in Palestine and also to Mercy Corps and the Friends of Fawzi Kawash for providing financial support to one of the training courses for the participating teams during the previous period, hoping that they continue their support and assistance for such activities.

Public Relations Department