Palestine Polytechnic University discusses the prospects of mutual cooperation with Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) in Ramallah

The General Supervisor of Official Media: Dr. Ahmad Assaf held a meeting with Dr. Imad al-Khatib, the President of Palestine Polytechnic University in his office at the Palestinian Broadcasting Cooperation to discuss ways of cooperation between the two institutions. The meeting was attended by Dr. Amajd Barham, the Vice-President of Administrative Affairs, Dr. Ismail Rumi, the Dean of the College of Administrative Sciences, Abed AlNasser Da’na, the Director of Public Relations in addition to Khaled Sukkar, the General Director of Palestine TV, Mohammad Barghouthi, General Director of Palestine Live, Zahir Zahid,  Head of Electronic Media Unit, and Amena al-Akhras, Mai Habayeb, and Niveen Khail from the Public Relations Unit.

At the beginning of the meeting, Assaf welcomed the attendees and stressed the importance of having such agreement with  Palestine Polytechnic University. Then he gave an overview about the PBC, pointing out that their mission is to make Palestine known all over the world and also to bring the world to Palestine.

As well Dr. al-Khatib praised such development in the official media in Palestine and he gave an overview about the PPU. He also pointed out that the PPU looks forward to have cooperation with the PBC in holding workshops to exchange the ideas and experiences of both parties, having seminars, and holding special programs and activities in the University, in addition to covering the University conferences including Students Innovation Conference which is held annually. He added that the media plays a great role in supporting innovation and creativity which will be reflected on all the aspects of life and therefore shed light on these creations to stand out to the community. After that he thanked the PBC for their readiness to cover the events of the Qanadil Festival for Short Films scheduled for 26-28 November, 2017 which will be held at the PPU to celebrate the latest and most important films produced by our students in the Palestinian universities. He also said that there will be financial and honor awards to the winning films and that the festival will include training and competitive programs as well as  presentations to the Palestinian public.  

Dr. Assaf at the end of the meeting praised  the achievements of the University, especially in the field of graphics and multimedia which is the first specialization in the state of Palestine that combines four areas: Fine arts, 2D and 3D animation production, professional advertising,  and fixed and portable imaging. 

Then, the PPU delegation were taken on a tour to PBC’s studios and were given a detailed information about the technology they use and how it works.

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