Palestine Polytechnic University Wins an Award at the European Level for an Academic Achievement

During the closing ceremony of the European Vocational Skills Week held on November, 24, in Brussels, the PPU received the Torino Process Award for Entrepreneurship Key Competence where 29 countries neighboring the European Union participated in this event. The European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs,  Skills, and Labor Mobility: Marianne Thysen conferred the award upon Mr. Wisam Shamroukh, the Director of the IT Center of Excellence at the PPU, for his role and the center’s in developing an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Course at the University.

This achievement has come as a culmination of the strategic efforts of the University to transform the University into an Entrepreneurial one by making many achievements and contributions in the field of education, scientific research and community service.

It is noteworthy that the European Training Foundation (ETF) award  recognizes outstanding initiatives promoting entrepreneurship as a key competence through education and training, inspired by the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp).  The focus on competence in this course aims to build the entrepreneurial spirit in youth unlike other classic entrepreneurship courses.

The ETF Director Cesare Onestini has pointed out that the Torino Process Award will help to inspire educators, training providers and policymakers in Europe, and the neighborhood, to promote entrepreneurship as a key competence in education. He has also  congratulated  the PPU on behalf of the ETF for its innovative teaching and learning approach that is helping to equip young people with competence and skills to build a brighter, more prosperous future. He has also pointed out that this winning has been an example of what can be achieved when there is vision, idea and will to convey passion, creativity and successful experiences for the benefit of others.

It is worth mentioning here that the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Course, taught at the University and  designed by Mr. Shamroukh, has been able to beat dozens of entries from the ETF ‘s 29 partner countries  neighboring the European Union., leaving a good impression about the PPU leadership and competency of its employees.

This course “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” is offered to the University students in third-level vocational education,. Itt aims to equip young people with competences and skills that enable business creation. PPU’s project-based learning approach emphasizes teamwork, innovative problem solving, opportunity recognition, leadership, networking and communication – key features of EntreComp. Working closely with local businesses, students develop ’can do’ confidence to consider business as a career option.

It is not only students and business benefiting. Prof. Shamroukh trains faculty staff at PPU and other education institutions in Jordan, Palestine, Portugal and Saudi Arabia. ‘I see a growing demand for developing systems for teaching entrepreneurship. This award makes me more confident with my approach and with my curriculum.’

It is noteworthy that the Palestinian Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture is a close partner of PPU, working together to strengthen the links between education and business. For those young people who decide not to set up a business, the course ensures they are more attractive on the labor market, says the Director of the Commerce Akram Hijazi underlining how PPU graduates are in high demand by companies because their skills match job market demands. Part of the success is the direct mentoring by business leaders with the students. ‘It’s very important young entrepreneurs get mentored by experienced business people. They get familiar with the needs of the market and the companies, saving time and effort for them and the employers.


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