Palestine Polytechnic University Participates in the Turkish-Arab Universities Conference and Eurasia Higher Education Summit 2018

The PPU, represented by its President Prof. Imad Khatib, participated in the 3rd.Turkish-Arab Universities Conference  which took place at Istanbul Ayidin University in Istanbul on February 13. The conference was organized by the Association of Arab Universities and many of the European and Asian universities attended it.
The conference focused on the Arab-Turkish cooperation in higher education, academic exchange channels, and the Turkish government grants that the Arab universities can benefit from. On  the second day of the conference, Feb. 14,  the University participated in the opening of the Eurasia HE Summit (EURIE) 2018, held  by Eurasia Network for Higher Education Institutions at the Conference hall in Istanbul from Feb. 14-15. As well the PPU’s President presented a paper titled “Challenges of Managing the Higher Education Institutions and Internationalization”.
Dr. al-Khatib presented the PPU’s  experience in transferring the University to entrepreneurial (2015 to 2017) and also the strategic plans the university adopted to achieve this goal. Outcomes of this transformation were found to be significant in most aspects.
Public Relations Department