Palestine Polytechnic University participates in a training course within the TAP Project at Cork, Ireland

The PPU has participated in the training session held at the University of Cork, Ireland / Teaching and Learning Center within the TAP Project funded by the European Union/ Erasmus Program. This program has aimed to train participants to develop the assessment methods currently used for first year students at the university. The participants representing the University were: Dr. Adnan Shehadeh, Project Manager, Engineer Elayyan Abu Gharbiya, member of the Project Technical Committee, Dr. Hani Salah,  College of Computer Engineering and Information Technology, and Dr. Iqbal Al Sharif,  College of Administrative Sciences and Information Systems.

The participants will develop two courses, one in the College of Computer and Information Technology,  while the other in the College of Administrative Sciences and Information Systems so that students can evaluate teachers by using a mobile phone.

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