Palestine Polytechnic University’ Teams Ranked First in the Hebron –Code 2018 National Programming Competition

The teams of the College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering at the PPU have received the first place in the Hebron-Code 218 National Programming Competition successively for the second time. The competition was held within the Science and Technology Week activities at Hebron University. More than 20 teams from different Palestinian universities participated in this competition.
The winning teams from Palestine Polytechnic University were:
          Names of students                                                         Team Name            Rank
Walid Ju\beh, Basel Atawneh and Qusay Ja’bari                     GooogleMe              First
Abdel Hamid Abu Za’nouneh, Khaled Ja’beh and                   7UP                         Third       
and Mohammad Shaloudi.
Aseel Arafeh, Samar  Jamjoum and Ghaid Iwaiwi                  Tomoom                      Fourth
Yousef Qawasmeh, Ameer Takrouri and Mohammad            Shiftup                       Fifth
It is noteworthy that Hebron University held  “Hebron Code Jam 2018” competition on March 28, 2018,  similar to ACM-JCPC.  20 teams from Palestinian universities participated in this competition and each team consists of three students. The participating teams competed in solving 7 programming problems that required a high analytic ability and good knowledge of logarithm and programming. The first team was able to solve five problems and got the first rank  while the second rank went to Hebron University’s team and the rest of the participating teams from other universities were ranked sixth and above.
The CITCE has attained a leading position in software competitions, including the Global Competition ACM,  in the past six years. It is noteworthy that, the College achievements in this regard  increased in the two past years. It has received first top ranks,  and not only the first place in such competitions, due to its qualified and distinguished students and the high quality of training the College provided to students by the trainer engineer Iman Sharabati. In addition, the University shows a great interest in its students.
The University has followed a leading approach in training and building the new students’ abilities, in addition to providing the CITCE’s graduates with the necessary skills to maintain an outstanding and distinguished level of the College among all the various computer colleges at the level of Palestine.
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