Palestine Polytechnic University wins the Third Place in “Know Europe” Competition at the Palestinian universities level

The PPU’ team “Germany”  consisted of  the students: Salah Zama’reh, Meqdad Dababseh, Hassan Mhanna, Muemen Abu Markhieh, Saif Shabaneh and Sultan Sultan have received the third place in the competition “Know Europe” at the Palestinian level.
The competition was organized by the European Union for the Palestinian university students and  held at BeirZeit University. It aimed at raising  the young university students’ knowledge related to the characteristics of the European countries from which the EU has been formed.
The competition was conducted in 8 rounds, all of which were characterized by strong competition among the participating teams. During the competition, a variety of questions about celebrities, landmarks, treaties and  ruling systems, and European products were raised. The PPU ‘ team has topped the competition till the last round which has gone to the other competing teams by narrow margin.
It is noteworthy that in the last October, the PPU’s Department of Non-Curricular Activities supervised and held the preliminary round on PPU’s campus and the PPU’s team “Germany” was the winner, so it represented the University in the final round.
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