Palestine Polytechnic University hosts “The Seventh National Students Innovation Conference” in partnership with Palestine University in Gaza”

On May 9, 2018,  the PPU held “The Seventh National Students Innovation Conference in partnership with Palestine University in Gaza” under the patronage of the Chairman and the members of the PPU Board of Trustees in the presences of the Chairman of the University Graduates Union/Chairman of the PPU Board of Trustees  Mr. Ahmad Sa’eed Bayoud al-Tamimi, the member of the UGU Mr. Alaa al-Ja’bari,  the Governor of Hebron District Mr. Kamel Hmeid, the Consultant of the President and Chairman of the Supreme Council for Creativity and Excellence  engineer Adnan Samara, the Mayor of Hebron Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh, the PPU’s President Prof. Imad Khatib and his vice presidents, the President of Palestine University in Gaza Prof. Salem Sabbah, in addition to the deans of colleges, and a large number of the official and local institutions in Hebron, the university students , and the participating Palestinian universities. This conference has aimed at presenting the students’ latest innovative graduation projects and scientific researches in the field of science and technology.

At the beginning of the conference,  Mr. Ahmad Al-Tamimi welcomed the audience and stressed the important role of the University as an incubator to highlight  the students’ creative  and distinguished achievements as well as  providing a scientific and research platform to show all the students' accomplishments  to all the Palestinian segments.

Mr. Kamel Hmeid also stressed  the importance of drawing the attention to students’ innovative ideas and projects,  pointing out that such achievements would give the Palestinians the hope that the state of Palestine  with Jerusalem its capital would become a reality when having  a generation capable of being creative despite all the hardships they have encountered.

Engineer Samara also emphasized the importance of supporting creativity in students and taking care of them both financially and psychologically and he said that holding such conferences, networking with students and the academic bodies in the various Palestinian universalities would enhance the competitive spirit among students  as well as developing their practical and scientific experience and  performance.

For his part, Abu-Sneineh, also stressed the importance of  highlighting  the students’ innovative projects  and the importance of these projects in serving the community and developing it so that it could reach all the national institutions and employers. This would help students to have more job opportunities in the labor market as well as working together to achieve social responsibility.

Dr. al-Khatib also pointed out that this conference which was one of a series in this regard  comes in line with the University strategy that aims at linking scientific research with  teaching and shedding the light on the entrepreneurial startup companies emerging from the business incubator of Palestine Polytechnic University and other Palestinian universities. He added that this conference has given the opportunity to all the businessmen from all the Palestinian sectors to learn about the students' achievements that would be reflected positively on the students' job opportunities.

In a related context, the President of the Conference Dr. Murad Abu Sbeih pointed out that the conference has come in line with the University strategy that aims at serving the community and becoming entrepreneurial. He also said that this conference was an excellent and a great event in which  many universities from the West Bank and Gaza Strip participated, and that the participation and the effective partnership of Palestine University in Gaza made the conference  more important and  distinguished this year. It is noteworthy that about 200 entries were submitted to this conference, of which 140 participants were accepted after evaluating their projects by a specialized and scientific judges committee  in various specializations and at all levels.

After that Abu Sbeih, the Conference President expressed his thanks to the University administration and the Board of Trustees for facilitating and meeting all the conference requirements and then he extended his thanks to all those who participated in the preparation of this conference and to all the chairmen of committees and their members, his colleagues, the members of the judges committee from outside or within  the university. As well he thanked all the universities participating in this scientific activity and also the sponsored institutions who supported this event. After that he distributed the awards to the winning teams.

For his part, Dr. Salem Sabbah, expressed his happiness for the participation of Palestine University in Gaza in this national and scientific conference and giving them the opportunity to learn about the students' creative and innovative ideas and projects that would serve the Palestinian community and also aim at encouraging the participant students to create their own job opportunity and help in providing jobs to others, which would lead to the reduction of  the unemployment rate in Palestine.


Public Relations Department