Publication of a research paper on "Waste Recycling" as a graduation project in a prestigious international journal

The researchers Prof. Maher al-Ja'bari, Eng. Rana Abu Ghayadah and Eng. Rawan Okaili, from the Department of Environmental Technology at Palestine Polytechnic University, have published a paper in the field of solid waste recycling. It has been published in a prestigious journal " Journal of Environmental Management, Impact Factor 4". The Project has won the award of Engineer Zuhair Hijjawi for Scientific Research  at the level of the national universities for the environment category.

In the project, the gels were extracted and recycled from the diapers used in the field of irrigation. When mixing these materials with soil, they absorb irrigation water and gradually release it near the roots of the plant to improve the efficiency of irrigation. Work is under way to prepare a complementary research paper in partnership between the researchers from the University and the researcher Imad al-Baba, from the Environmental Quality Authority, in the field of studying the impact of using these materials on the growth variables in plants.

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