Palestine Polytechnic University Wins the First Prize at 9th Engineering Forum in Oman

The PPU has won the first prize at the 9th Engineering Forum, held at Sultan Qaboos University,  Sultanate of Oman,  in April,  with the participation of two projects for the category of creative community service projects for the student: Jamal Shakhtur, from the College of Applied Profession, under the supervision of  engineer Zidan Taha and engineer Hamza Abu Obeid.
Jamal Shakhtour's project "Electronic Air Filter" aims  to facilitate the work of rescuers in cases of fire, disasters and accidents, where the device cleans the air from polluting gases. The device also has two respiratory masks, one for the rescue man and the other for the injured,  with the possibility of providing the patient with medication when needed through the same mask.
The Chairman of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, engineer Zeidan Taha said: "We travelled with the creative student, al-Shakhtur, to show our students' efficiency and their creative abilities to strengthen our relations with the Arab and international academic community, enhance the opportunities for cooperation with the participating universities, learn from their experiences and creativity and benefit from them".
The Acting Dean of the College of Applied Professions, Mr. Fuad Hamdan,  emphasized the importance of honoring the student Jamal Shakhtur for his outstanding scientific achievement. He stressed the need to embrace and nurture such creative students, and shed a light on them to enhance their progress and development which would be reflected positively on the Palestinian community.
The President of the University' President Prof. Imad Khatib  congratulated the student Jamal Shakhtur on this remarkable achievement. He said: "In my name and on behalf of engineer Adnan Samara, the Head of the Supreme Council for Creativity and Excellence,  I declare that these inventions are going to be adopted by this Council."
He also added that  Palestine Polytechnic University is the first in the State of Palestine for vocational and technical education.
It is worth mentioning that the other invention of the student Al- Shakhtur, is a wheelchair for people with disabilities, already available worldwide,  but he added approximately 10%  to this wheelchair to minimize its cost seven times of the original. This wheelchair enables the disabled persons to move from place to place, stand, lie, sit,  and go up and down. It also prevents blood clotting and skin ulcers, activates and stimulates blood circulation, in addition to facilitating the patient's daily life activities.
The 9th Engineering Forum is organized by the Engineering Group at Sultan Qaboos University and includes 49 different projects from several Arab and international universities from different countries like the Sultanate of Oman, Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Philippines and Austria.
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