Palestine Polytechnic University holds a workshop on "The Reality and The Future of Financial Technology"

The Palestinian Technological Park in partnership with Palestine Monetary Authority and Palestine Polytechnic University held a workshop on “The Reality and The Future of Financial Technology”. It was attended by Prof. Imad Khatib, the PPU's President, who received Mr. Rasem Suwan, the CEO of the Palestinian Technological Park and Mrs.Maisa Shunnar, the Head of Business Planning and Transformation at al-Bahrain Islamic Bank, in the presence of engineer Ayman Sultan, the Vice President of Planning and Development, and Mr. Wisam Shamroukh, the Director of Public Relations and Information, in addition to the University academic and administrative bodies and students.
Prof. Al-Khatib welcomed the guests and stressed the importance of the banking sector for companies and factories, and pointed out that the university has been working hard to develop its curricula to keep pace with technological development in all sectors.
In the workshop, Shunnar emphasized the importance of using technology in developing the efficiency of financial services and  diversifying the ways of using them., noting that the last decades witnessed remarkable development in the means of communication, data transfer and the uses of smart devices, which, in turn, led to a great development in providing banking and financial services. Today, she said, there has been a significant growth at the global level in the field of financial technology "Fintech", based on the growth of using big date and smart phones and the increasing desire for the consumers to get financial services to suit their aspirations, in addition to the emergence of new technological trends, such as artificial intelligence, which would lead to an important transformation in providing financial services. As well,  in recent years, the world has witnessed accelerated and significant growth and investment geared towards the development of the use of financial technology to create higher efficiency and diversified means of providing financial services.

Department of Public Relations & Media