Palestine Polytechnic University receives a delegation from the World Bank


The PPU’s President Prof. Imad Khatib received a high level delegation from the World Bank, consisted of the World Bank Advisor Dr. Jutta Franz, the Manuel Brothers, Dina Abu Ghaida, and the coordination team of the World Bank Project, in the presence of a group of private companies, the Vice President for the University Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Planning and Development, in addition to the Director of Software Development Project Dr. Sami Abu Sneineh, the Project Manager of the development of Air conditioning and Refrigeration specializations Mr. Ibrahim Al-Amayreh, the World Bank Project Coordinator at the University  Ms. Noor Al-Juneidi, and a number of the University faculty members.

Al-Khatib welcomed the delegation, praising the World Bank's role in supporting Palestine Polytechnic University and appreciating their role and efforts in promoting the status of higher education sector and creating job opportunities for graduate students.

Jutta expressed her admiration for the efforts exerted and the importance of partnering with the private sector institutions to train graduate students in many different modern technological subjects and help them acquire, exchange and benefit from local, regional and international experiences.

Abu Sneineh gave a brief presentation on the development of the software unit, pointing out the modern technological trends within the university various programs, services, and technical and administrative solutions provided by the university to the local institutions and graduate students alike through offering specialties that the local Palestinian market needs.

As well, Al-Junaidi gave a presentation on the project of developing the air conditioning and refrigeration engineering specializations and the most important achievements of the project in terms of modifying plans and partnerships with the private sector and project agreements with international companies in order to train students in advanced areas related to air conditioning and refrigeration.

After that there was a discussion between the university professors and the visiting delegation.

It is noteworthy that these projects have had a significant impact on developing students' abilities and improving the quality of academic programs, research and community service.


Department of Public Relations & Media