Palestine Polytechnic University reaps advanced positions in the Arab Innovation Network Annual Conference “AINAC”

The PPU has received advanced positions at the Arab Innovation Network Annual Conference  ``AINAC '', where the Arab Innovation Network Student branch at Palestine Polytechnic University completed its participation in the 8th International Innovation Conference ``AINAC 2019 '' held in Amman, Jordan,  under the auspices of the Canadian Consulate.
The University, through its participating projects, has received advanced places in the Arab world, where the students: Mohammad Al-Shaloudi and Mahmoud Skafi won the first place in the "Ain Application Challenge" and the student: Aseel Jabiri won the first place in the "Think Tank Challenge".
The students, through their participation in the Conference, worked on finding solutions to these challenges throughout the conference, including challenges for the owners of technological projects or start-up ideas.
It is noteworthy that about 120 participants from different universities, institutions and companies, interested in creativity and innovation in the Arab world, participated in the conference, of which 55 participants were from Palestine. The PPU’s students participated in the various workshops and challenges, part of which was presented during the conference.  It has to be noted that the student: Thaer Bader, the Head of the Arab Innovation Network  branch at Palestine Polytechnic University, represented the University in this conference.
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