Palestine Polytechnic University hosts Prof. and researcher Nasser Abu Khdair from the University of Waterloo, Canada

Within the series of activities of the College of Applied Sciences at Palestine Polytechnic University, the college hosted Dr. Nasser Abu Khdair, a professor of chemical engineering at the Canadian University of Waterloo to give a scientific lecture entitled: "Simulation of Liquid Crystal Reorientation Dynamics for Next-generation Device Design".
Upon his  arrival to the University,  Dr. Abu Khdair was received by the Dean of the College of Applied Sciences, Dr. Fawzi Al-Razem in his office, in the presence of a number of researchers at the College of Applied Sciences and the College of Engineering. After Dr. Al-Razem welcomed the guest, he stressed the interest of the College and the University in making academic and research cooperation between colleagues at the university and their counterparts in international universities. Then he thanked Dr. Abu Khdair for his great interest and commitment to science in Palestine.
At the beginning of his lecture, Dr. Abu Khdair provides an overview of the applications of liquid crystals in modern technology (plasma screens LCDs and smart glass), and then he talked about his own researches using simulation-based studies in liquid crystals.
At the end of the lecture, there was an open discussion between Dr. Abu Khdair, and professors and researchers at the university on ways to support both the research and scientific exchange between Palestine Polytechnic University and the University of Waterloo and  the Palestinian students.
During his visit, Dr. Abu Khdair was taken on a tour to the applied chemistry laboratories and Palestine Korean Biotechnology Center. The Center’s Director, Dr. Yaqoub Al-Ashhab, briefed the Center’s work and the interests of its research team. As well, Dr. Abu Khdair expressed his admiration for  the Center’s level and the research and services it provides.
Dr. Abu Khdair at the end of this meeting thanked Palestine Polytechnic University for its warm welcome, emphasizing the necessity of communication and cooperation to serve the Palestinian researchers and students.
Department of Public Relations & Media