Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning holds two seminars on teaching and learning using distance education technologies


The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning held two seminars through the application of Zoom, as part of the center's series of activities and its strategic objectives to raise the level of education and distance learning in light of the Corona pandemic.

The first symposium, entitled “Incorporating Critical Thinking in Online Teaching and Learning,” was held and presented by Dr. Susanna Calkins and Dr. Denise Drane. Dr. Susanna Calkins is the  director of Faculty Programs at the Searle Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning at Northwestern University. (Northwestern University) and she works in the fields of mentoring, teaching concepts, critical thinking, teaching and learning. Dr. Denise Drane, as well, is the director of research and evaluation at the Searle Center at Northwestern University and her research interests include science, technology, engineering and mathematics education, and critical thinking. It is noteworthy that the two experts presented an interactive workshop supported by applied models on the use of critical thinking in university teaching, especially in distance education.

In a related context, a second symposium was held, entitled "Design Thinking," presented by Prof. Bruce Ankenman, who is the Co-Director of the Segal Institute of Design at Northwestern University. His research interests focus on designing and analyzing experiments that are used to build models for simulation systems. He also leads all the undergraduate curricula that are based on project-based design at the University. The symposium also included a presentation for Dr. Mo’men Al-Zughayer, from Palestine Polytechnic University, who presented an idea on the topic, as he had recently visited Northwestern University and met Professor Bruce and his colleagues.

It has to be noted that the two seminars were moderated by Dr. Adnan Shehadeh, Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and were attended by a number of colleagues at Palestine Polytechnic University, including the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Planning and Development, in addition to a number of colleagues from different Palestinian universities. The attendees also expressed the importance of holding such seminars, which would enhance the methods of distance teaching and learning for both teachers and students in light of the circumstances our society is currently facing as  result of the pandemic COVID 19.

 At the end of the two seminars, Dr. Adnan Shehadeh thanked the speakers and attendees, stressing the importance of attending such workshops which will continue during the coming period, and which comes in line with the university’s strategic plan to develop the academic staff at Palestine Polytechnic University.