Palestine Polytechnic University Receives the New President of the Italian “CESVI”

 The Vice-President of the University for Planning and Development engineer Ayman Sultan received, at the Martyre Hamdi Sultan Hall, the new president of CESVI Ms. Dora Bondani, in addition to the  CESVI’s projects manager Mr. Marco Ferber, and the project engineers at this organization with the aim of implementing environmental developmental projects.

Mr. Sultan welcomed the delegation and gave them a brief information about the role of Palestine Polytechnic University in serving the local community and he praised the existing cooperation between the University and the Italian partners by providing all services and expertise to private sector companies and the local community institutions in various fields.

Muhannad Nassar, the person in charge of water testing at the university, emphasized the existing cooperation between the two institutions, and the importance of implementing several competent environmental projects, especially after the success of the project implemented by the Renewable Energy and Environment Research Unit at Palestine Polytechnic University on "evaluating domestic water filters" under the supervision of "CESVI" the support of the Italian cooperation.

Ms. Bondani gave a detailed explanation about the role of the Italian Organization in providing several development projects aimed at preserving the environment, and she praised the role of Palestine Polytechnic University in this field and their desire to collaborate in providing all facilities for future development projects that serve Hebron governorate.

During the meeting, a visit was made to the project implementation areas in Masafer Yatta, and some water samples were taken and tested in the drinking water quality testing laboratory at Palestine Polytechnic University.

It is noteworthy that Palestine Polytechnic University recently implemented the "Home Water Filters Assessment" project. The project installed 150 filters (5 types of filters, ceramic, sand, etc.) to purify water in the homes of residents of the Masafer Yatta area, in cooperation with the staff and laboratories of the Renewable Energy and Environment Research Unit, in addition to the graduates of the Environmental Technology Engineering. Several water tests were conducted before and after the filter on a daily basis to determine the efficiency of the best water filter to be used for water purification in Palestine in future projects.