PPU Equips Industrial Labs with Advanced Equipment

PPU equipped the Welding Lab in the College of Applied Professions with advanced equipment. The equipment included a CNC lathe machine and a Portable X-ray Flaw Detector. This addition complements the first phase of the program for the development of lathe and welding labs within manufacturing disciplines, where the first phase included a robotic arm and an ultrasonic welding quality inspection device.

The development plan for the welding and lathe labs comes at a time when several distinct and new programs have been added, including a bachelor's degree in Manufacturing and Industrial Process Engineering within the College of Engineering, Intermediate Diploma in Sustainable Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial Product Design within the College of Applied Professions, as well as a professional diploma in Production & Machines within the Center of Excellence and Continuing Education.

It is worth mentioning that the Sustainable Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial Machine Operators were funded by the German Foundation for International Cooperation (GIZ).


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