PPU Shines with Six Prize Wins in Short Story, Drawing, and Essay Competitions among Palestinian Universities


Palestine Polytechnic University achieved notable success in competitions held among Palestinian universities. The university's Extracurricular Activities Department played an important role as PPU students secured six prizes in different categories. The competitions were organized by the Student Affairs Department of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in collaboration with Palestinian higher education institutions.

Among the achievements, Ayat Khaled Muhammad Al-Batran claimed the seventh position in the essay competition titled "With a pen, we make our dawn." Huda Wael "Muhammad Adnan" Sinokrot secured the eighth place in the drawing competition themed "Light in the Tunnel." In the short story competition titled "Canaan, the roots of the land, 'We will remain as long as there is thyme and olives,'" Iftikar Adel Youssef Al-Najjar, Maymana Sufyan Khalil Al-Tamizi, Batool Issa Ahmed Adwan, and Naqaa Hamza Dawood Abu Zina achieved the tenth, eleventh, twenty-third, and twenty-eighth places, respectively.

Professor Tariq Al-Bitar, the official of PPU's Extracurricular Activities Department, emphasized the university's continuous support for talented and qualified students in various scientific, artistic, and creative fields. PPU aims to facilitate their participation in national-level competitions and encourages them to strive for top positions, enabling them to excel in the future job market.

PPU has consistently achieved recognition at local and regional levels in diverse competitions, highlighting the university's commitment to student engagement in various activities.

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