PPU Medical Students Contribute to Scientific Paper in JSCR Journal Linked to Oxford Academic

Polytechnic University's College of Medicine and Health Sciences achieves scientific excellence as three students specializing in Human Medicine actively contribute to a groundbreaking scientific paper published in the Journal of Surgical Case Reports (JSCR), affiliated with Oxford Academic. The collaborative effort, titled “Sacrococcygeal Teratoma in an Adult Female Patient — Case Report and Review of Literature,” delves into a rare surgical case involving teratoma in the pubic and sacral region of an adult female.

The paper, a result of the students' collaboration with a distinguished medical team from Al-Ahli Hospital, features the expertise of Dr. Usama Qumsieh, a pediatric surgery specialist, Dr. Ibrahim Alzatari, a diagnostic radiologist, and Dr. Ahmad G Hammouri.

Dr. Qumsieh highlights the success as a reflection of effective cooperation between medical professionals and students. The students, Qusai A Alsalah, Mohammad I Alsahouri, and Arein A Abufara, express their joy in achieving this milestone, underscoring the significance of supporting scientific research for societal development.

This accomplishment aligns with PPU’s commitment to fostering students' roles in scientific research and showcasing their contributions to societal progress. The university's efforts aim to amplify students' involvement in research, emphasizing their talents and their positive impact on the broader community.


To access the paper, follow this link to the JSCR website:



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