PPU and German Jülich Research Center Unveil Groundbreaking Scientific Milestone through Collaborative Endeavors


Palestine Polytechnic University and the German Jülich Research Center, collaborating under the Palestinian-German Science Bridge, achieve a groundbreaking scientific milestone in biosensors using nanotechnology. After three years of collaboration between the Bioelectronics Research Institute (IBI-3) at Jülich and the Genomics and Molecular Diagnostics research group at the Palestinian-Korean Center for Biotechnology, the joint team successfully designed and implemented a bio-nanosensor for precise DNA identification.

The sensor, employing nano-sized granules with superior magnetic properties, demonstrated remarkable accuracy and speed in detecting the identity and source of DNA. The prototype, tailored for brucellosis bacteria detection, outperformed current technologies. The research, led by Abdel Halim Abu Awad, published in the prestigious International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Impact Factor = 6.2, Q1 rating).

View the research at https://www.mdpi.com/1422-0067/24/24/17272.

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