VTC Cadre

The VTC has a specialized engineering cadre including engineers and technicians in the field of automation who have been given specialized training courses on how to use the different kinds of testing devices. The VTC staff  are:


1- The VTC Director:  Engineer Mohammad Raba'i




2- Engineer  Hussein Amr

3- Engineer  Mohammad Qawasmeh

4- Engineer Mousa Zalloum

5- Technician Ibrahim Ahmad Saleh al-Qadi

6- Technician Mahmoud al-Manasrah

7- Technician Forat al-Natsheh

8- Technician Mohammad Fares al-Khatib

9- Ibrahim Mohammad Ahmad al-Qadi

10- Engineer Wafi Makhamreh

11- Engineer Qutaibah Omar

12- Najeeb al-Sa’id – Secretary/ Hebron

13- Bashar al-Ju'beh- Secretary/Bethlehem