ِApproval of testing the national products manufactured for the first time in Palestine:


For the first time, the VTC  of PPU in coordination and cooperation with  the Department of Specifications and Measurements and the Ministry of transportation  has accredited the production of trailers - SILO  Type -  to transport bulk cement after making a comprehensive test , thus matching the specifications of this product with the global specifications.  The production of this vehicle has been produced under our supervision and guidance as the first national product made in Palestine.


SILO trailer manufactured by al-Marah Company,  Supervised by the VTC at  Palestine Polytechnic University


Testing SILO trailer by the VTC testers at PPU




Testing the annual validity of dynameters:

The VTC  has made a comprehensive test to all the vehicle testing devices in the dynameters of Hebron, Dura, Bethlehem and Yatta to verify the validity of these devices in order to get a license from the Ministry of Transportation for these areas to practice work after issuing  validity certificates from the Vehicle Testing Center  at this university.