Support Articles

  • Gratitude:  The university deeply appreciates the individuals and organizations that offer their support, as their generosity enhances the services available to our students, strengthens the university's leadership in the field, and reinforces its dedication to serving the Palestinian community.
  • The university's leadership is rooted in its social responsibility: It serves as the foundation for its acceptance of support and grants.
  • Admission: The academic records of students and their relationship with the university remain unaffected by the contributions of donors.
  • Commitment to Sponsors: The university pledges to utilize donations and grants in the mutually agreed-upon field with the sponsor. This ensures that the donor's interests align with the university's priorities. If the university's priorities change, a discussion with the donor takes place to reach a new agreement. This guarantees the distribution of donations in an alternative field or their return to the donor, as per the agreement.
  • Fulfillment: The university accepts donations and grants based on its capability to fulfill its spending towards the set goals.
  • Accountability: The university commits to keeping its supporters informed about the progress and impact of their contributions, as well as providing them with the required financial and administrative reports. Additionally, the university assures its supporters that all necessary information regarding their donations and grants will be provided upon request.
  • Integrity: The university seeks support from donors based on its priorities and requirements.