Ways to Give

  • Scholarships: The university offers scholarships to students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance as a means of supporting and recognizing their excellence. Additionally, the university provides aid to underprivileged students through the Student Support Fund, which assists them in shaping their future and contributes towards the advancement and service of society.
  • Unconditional Support: The university utilizes it to enhance the various aspects of university life.
  • Academic Development: This includes the provision of modern and diverse educational curricula for students, promoting collaboration and teamwork among different academic programs, enhancing support for faculty members, facilitating the acquisition of distinguished research grants for the university and its staff, promoting creativity and innovation among students, offering necessary guidance and advice to students, and providing support in terms of equipment and devices.
  • Waqf (endowment): The endowment program is a significant initiative that can serve as a vital source of funding. It operates on the principle of investment by allocating a specific amount and utilizing the resulting returns to fulfill the university's requirements and development plans while preserving the principal endowment amount. This ensures the long-term financial stability and improvement of the university's position.
  • Zakat Program: The university provides support to financially challenged students through the Zakat Program, helping them complete their academic pursuits at the university. Scholarships are disbursed through the Student Support Fund, which alleviates the financial burden on students and parents and aids in building their future. Additionally, scholarships ensure the continuity of the university by facilitating the provision of quality education to students in Palestine.
  • Sponsorships and Naming Rights: This involves the donation of resources to equip halls or buildings, as well as the sponsorship of various events and conferences. The university names these halls after the donors and recognizes their contributions on dedicated honor boards. Additionally, the university acknowledges the sponsors of various events by displaying their names in designated areas.