Department Mission and Vision


To serve and meet the needs of the community by supporting, developing and improving the level and the efficiency of consulting and engineering services,  and also to create and build  faith in science as a means of success in achieving the Department objectives by offering such services for the sake of the public interests.


The Department aspires to offer services to a wider range of groups in the local community. It also seeks to promote the principle of community service and the role that can be achieved by establishing more general and comprehensive concepts within the scope of the general and shared objectives and for the benefit of the public at large. In this context, the Department is taking steps in terms of improving the efficiency of the technical services and its providers at the administrative and technical levels.  In addition, it looks forward to improving the nature and the quality of the services it provides. Furthermore, this Department is considered the first incubator in the region that provides such consultation at the local level.


Department Objectives:  

The main objectives of the Department are as follows:

Providing technical and engineering consultancy to the local community in the fields of the various colleges’ work and the specialization fields of their employees.
Conducting various technical and economic studies in the industrial and economic fields.
Providing services in the various technical fields through their qualified cadres, devices, equipment, and  modern workshops  in the different colleges and departments of the university.
Raising and improving the performance and efficiency of its employees that commensurate with the needs of various sectors of the community.
Providing services that should include all segments of the society, whether individuals  or private or public institutions.