The Department Technical Staff

The department has technical staff, both engineers and technicians, in the field of construction materials testing, and they have been given specialized training courses to be well-trained and qualified in this field:

The following are the  staff names and their positions:

  • Mr. Emad Dweik, Director of the Department.
  • Mr. Jawad Al-Haj, Quality Control Manager.
  • Mrs. Safaa Sider, Labs Manager.

 The department depends on the cadres available at the university and is considered one of the best cadres at the national level. The cadres include many Ph.D. holders in civil engineering, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and computer sciences, and many others hold master's degrees, a Bachelor’s degree, or Diploma in the previous disciplines. Whenever needed, the Department assigns any of the cadres to perform tasks for this department.

It is noteworthy that the Department provides technical consultations in the field of administrative sciences, informatics, and other various fields in the College of Professions and Applied Sciences.