Development of the Department

  The Department works to raise the level of its engineering work, seeking continuously to raise the level of engineering work and develop the provision of services to individuals and the community institutions. In order to achieve this, the Department has obtained accreditation for its laboratories from Palestine Standards Institution to be the first initiative at the national level, thus raising the level of services provided and achieving the university vision that aims at providing upgraded services to the local community.

The Department has received the certificate of accreditation under number LAS-026,  since they year 2006 and is renewed annually after checking the Department files.

The following tests have been approved:

  • Fresh and rigid concrete testing according to (PS 55P3,4-2001 + PS 55P6-2005)
  • Concrete brick testing according to (PS 6P1-2001).
  • Asphalt testing according to (ASTM D 2172-2005).
  • Iron bars testing according to (PS 821 P-2005).
  • On-site soil density testing by using the sand suppression method according to (AASHTO T-191-02: 2006).
  • Soil-level perforator assays according to (AASHTO T-180-09).